Shoes like a man’s tie or woman’s handbag, indicate status and success


What do your shoes say about you, your position, attention to details, and professionalism?

Business footwear for both men and women is defined by good quality, a lack of fuss, and proper maintenance.

Quality shoes can be the key finishing touch to an outfit or suit. While many women tend to have a shoe fetish, too many men see shoes as an afterthought. Women will have a collection of shoes while men hope that one pair of dress shoes along with one pair of runners will cover all occasions. Unfortunately, neither is ideal.

The perfect shoe wardrobe has something for all occasions in your life, and is made of a few well-chosen pairs of shoes made of the best quality leather you can afford. Men and women that work full-time should have at least 3 pairs to rotate them throughout the week. Your shoes can’t last if worn everyday. The leather needs to recuperate so let them rest between wears. With care your shoes can last for years, rather than a couple of months.

If you are on a tight budget or just starting in the workforce and can only afford one pair of shoes, buy the highest quality possible. Add a second and third pair as soon as you can to complete your shoe selection and prevent wear and tear on the first pair. Resist the temptation to buy cheap shoes, they only cause pain and have little longevity. Ill-fitting cheap shoes can also cause irreparable damage to your feet. They are not a good investment as they end up costing you more in the long run, money wise and health wise.

When buying shoes, never buy in a rush or last minute … and pay attention to how the shoes fit in the store. While new shoes will feel firmer than old shoes, they should fit when you first try them. As our feet are not a perfect match, always try both shoes on and walk around the store for a while. If they hurt, do not buy them hoping they will stretch or just “need wearing”. If you find a brand of shoes that fits you well, it is most likely that the “last” (the form on which a shoe is created) is close to the shape of your foot. That brand might be a good brand to remember for next time.

When shopping for new shoes, make sure to wear the appropriate stocking, tights or socks to ensure proper fit. Are the shoes for work or personal use? Are they for daytime wear or formal event?  The occasion dictates the type of shoes you wear and therefore the type of socks or stockings you need. As a rule in general, the heavier the shoes, the heavier the socks, the lighter the shoes, the lighter the socks or the more formal the shoes, the more refined the socks.

The perfect time to shop for shoes is later in the day as feet expand throughout the day. This will ensure that your shoes actually fit you properly and comfortably from morning till night without any pain. If you have no choice but to buy shoes first thing in the morning, make sure to allow enough room for feet expansion.