grandchildren sledding
My granddaughter, Reya and my grandson, Dashel discovered the pleasure of winter and had a lot of fun sliding down the hill.

This past week, we had a decent snowfall. Some may not like the winter, but for me, born and raised in northern Québec, it’s a reminder of how much fun we had playing in the snow with our neighbours and cousins. 

Once the snow came, all the children would get dressed and race outside to play. Making a snowman, building a fort, or throwing snowballs at each other was fun! We had an abundance of friends and family. Parents were not worried. The older ones were trained to look after the younger ones. 

We lived in the country with a good-sized mountain in front of our house. We didn’t have sleds or toboggans so we used old cardboard boxes to slide down the mountain. We would unglue the box and lay it down so we could all sit on it together. By the time we reached the bottom, the cardboard would be ripped in every direction. We would be all covered in snow and laughing as only children can. Thinking back, I realized we made winter entertaining indeed!

Angele as a child

Our family of 10 children may have lived in a state of scarcity when it came to winter equipment, but we certainly had an abundance of love, imagination, and friendship. Picture the moments of peace for our mother, busy in the kitchen, while we were all outside coming up with new and creative things to do.   

 The article, What Does Abundance and Scarcity Have to do With Your Image? is about FEAR versus ABUNDANCE. I hope this article will mean something to you.

I am sure many of you have some interesting stories from your childhood… Feel free to email me with some of your childhood experiences.