Master The Art of Dressing

Self-knowledge … Mastery … Distinction … This journey begins by determining your most becoming colours, clothing styles so you can buy the most flattering clothing for your natural colouring, body shape, personality and lifestyle!

Where should you start? Simple! It’s all about getting to know you and who you really are from the inside out!

Gain Self-Knowledge, Self-Acceptance, Self-Distinction!

Step 1. Preliminary Image Audit

A Preliminary Image Audit is essential before Personal Image Services or Personal Image Packages are delivered. We do this because we care about our clients. It is crucial that we understand where you are at now, and where you want to go in order to help you get the most out of your Personal Image Services. After all, you wouldn’t start renovating a home without a plan would you?

Step 2. Personalized Colour Analysis

Feeling drab or old in your current colours? Spending too much time trying to mix and match colours with no success or too much money on colours you never wear? Discover your «wow » colours and look fabulous every day! Identify your best neutrals, basics, and accent colours & build a wardrobe in colours that you look spectacular on you. Includes loads of professional advice.

Step 3. Signature Style & Lifestyle

Add variety and spice to your wardrobe. Dress for who you are and what you want now! An in-depth examination of the seven Universal™ personality styles will help you identify and understand your core personality from inside out. Create a signature look … Build a wardrobe suited to your lifestyle needs and most of all you. Feel good about yourself while looking great inside out. Includes Style Coaching, handouts, and loads of professional advice.

Step 4. Body Type & Clothing Style

Look taller, slimmer and even younger and save time, money and energy while shopping for clothes … Learn how to buy the most flattering clothing styles for your body shape, body type and personal proportions. It’s all about the illusions of lines. Includes Style Coaching, and loads of professional advice.

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See Step 5 Master the Art of Wardrobing