wear eyeglasses

Your face is the part of the body that receives the most scrutiny and judgment during a personal encounter.

Are your eyeglasses up to the task or are they letting you down? Or do you refuse to wear eyeglasses all together thinking it will make you look old?

East or West?  It seems the world can’t decide whether spectacles originated in the Far East or the West.  Continent aside – in the thirteenth century, scholars and monks held lenses in front of their eyes or balanced them on their nose to correct presbyopia (the inability to focus on near objects), while the Chinese wore only coloured glass, and not correcting lenses, for adornment or supposed magical powers.

Contrary to what many people think, wearing eyeglasses does not make anyone look old ~ providing you pick something that is flattering of course. On the other hand, stretching your arms forward in an attempt to read the menu in a dimly lit restaurant because you refuse to wear reading glasses or lifting your glasses to read underneath because you refuse to wear progressive lenses afraid that you’ll never get used to them ~ is acting old.

Believe it or not, these actions actually speak louder than actually wearing eyeglasses in the first place. You might be under the impression that you are looking just as cool as ever while others might only see your unwillingness, inflexibility or stubbornness. They might question if “you are too old in your thinking or outdated in your skills, or too set in your ways and too stubborn to learn a new skill or get use to something new.” That doesn’t make for a good team player either, does it?  Is that the image you wish to portray?

Gratefully, over the centuries attitudes changed, and wearing glasses is no longer considered an embarrassment or an indication of old age. We began using them as a stamp of individuality, style, and intelligence.  Today, eyeglasses are the accoutrement of style and can help create a person’s signature.  Nowadays, we consider them an extension of who we are – not just an accessory! Many use eyeglasses as the accessory to create the image and make the statement. Your face is the part of the body that receives the most scrutiny and judgment during the first seven seconds of a personal encounter. A well-chosen pair of eyeglasses can help you express who you are, reflect your individuality and send the message that you are “in the know”, well informed, and up to date in your skills, open-minded, reliable, and dependable”.

With the wide selection available today from heavy plastic to frameless to metal or lightweight titanium frames ~ there is a perfect pair (or two) of eyeglasses for everyone. Glasses can help you look more mature, serious, whimsical, creative, romantic, sporty, traditional, conservative, elegant, alluring, magnetic, dramatic or whatever you want.  Your glasses should flatter your face shape and personal colouring, express your personality, and suit your lifestyle. Your eyeglasses should be comfortable, look great on you, and most of all you should feel great wearing them ~ no compromise!

Choosing glasses can be a major purchasing decision and should not be rushed. Finding the perfect frames may take some time so allow about 2 hours for this shopping excursion.  You are not only spending a fair amount of money, but you are making a decision which can radically change your appearance … whether for the better or the worse is up to you.  Take your time to assess what is best for you. Treat them as part of yourself, your wardrobe and your lifestyle. The perfect eyeglasses can help you fine-tune your look from head-to-toe with the finishing touches that make a real (and visible) difference!