Angèle’s Driving Statement

Angèle’s Belief/Promise

Once upon a time, we believed as little girls playing dress up that we all were “Princesses”. But somehow along the way for one reason or another, we lost that innocence, the feeling of uniqueness, of awesomeness, of our true beauty.

As women, caring for others is a way of life. We devote our life to help, support and encourage others in our circles ~ whether it is family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. We give all that we have to give for so many years, until one day…we finally wake up from a long slumber wondering, “Who am I? What is this person all about? What do I like? What am I good at? What did I dream about? What makes me special?”

We’ve all experienced being in a rut, feeling frumpy or faced life changes such as motherhood or menopause. I believe that women of all ages deserve to discover and embrace their true beauty within ~ free of any judgment~ to feel love, respected, and beautiful. It is time to put yourself first, to give yourself the same loving care you give to others ~ you deserve to be noticed!

Every woman deserves a “heavenly wardrobe” full of “magical” clothing that make her feel like a queen or a princess every time she dresses… yet better.  A “heavenly wardrobe” that will help her feel confident, self-assured, secure and unstoppable. Every woman deserves beautiful clothing in colours that illuminate her complexion, put a sparkle in her eye, and a smile on her face. Beautiful clothing in styles that fit her body type gloriously and are perfectly suited to her personality and lifestyle. “Every woman” includes you. YOU deserve beautiful clothing that celebrates YOUR individuality, uniqueness and authenticity.

I would be honoured to reintroduce you to your inner princess, and put a little “magic” back in your closet. After all, isn’t that what Fairy Godmothers do best?