men and women sandals

Ten Commandments for Wearing Sandals for Men and Women

As a safety measure for yourself and others, stay away from jelly shoes … I have not met anyone yet who can walk properly when standing in a pool of sweat. Besides they are totally juvenile. And it wouldn’t do to take someone down with you as you fall and break your ankle.

  1. If you are self-conscious about how your feet look in open sandals, choose styles that are fuller instead of skinny straps or slip-on sandals. For men, light boat shoes or canvas shoes worn without socks are a great substitute.
  2. Always wear sandals that fit properly to ensure comfort; leather will be the most comfortable. Toes should not hang over and touch the ground, nor should the heels spill over the back. Sides and tops of feet should not bulge out between straps. Try the next size up or choose a different style.
  3. Have a professional pedicure at least once per season to help your feet be “sandal-worthy” … even men can benefit from a pedicure. Pedicures supplement the day-to-day care of your feet and can help prevent many problems such as athlete’s foot or other. In between pedicures, sand down any mounds of skin before they turn hard and yellow, and don’t forget to shave the hairs off the big toe if any.
  4. If you wear nail polish, keep polish fresh and chip-free. Do not cheat by just touching up the big toe. If you can’t keep up, go polish-free.
  5. Sandals should be worn without socks or pantyhose (Yes, guys … wearing gym or regular socks is definitely not sexy… leave off the socks when wearing open sandals). Women that are self-conscious about going bare-legs due to varicose veins or have a very fair skin tone can choose a summer-weight hose in a colour as close to their skin tone as possible paired with sling-backs instead of open sandals.
  6. If something breaks, find the closest shoemaker and get your shoes to fix right away or toss it. Do not use duct-tape, pin, glue or tuck it back into place hoping it will stay.
  7. If you are prone to calluses, ingrown nails or corn problems, see a professional as soon as possible. Also, check out Dr. Scholl’s products often available at the shoemaker or at your local drugstore.
  8. If you wear toe rings, be sure to take them off toward the end of the day before your toes swell and begin to look like sausages.
  9. If you wear flip-flops or thong sandals, please do not slide or drag your feet while wearing them. By the way, they are not appropriate for any work environment.
  10. Get rid of any white or off-white sandals that show any wear and tear. Dirty white sandals look very tacky and send the message that you don’t care.