Master The Art of Wardrobing

We take a look at your closet and get rid of clothes that sabotage your success and create a plan that will help you build a well-balanced wardrobe filled with choices you actually love to wear!

Step 5. The Art Of Wardrobing

*Unless you have a bare closet or plan to get rid of all your clothes, we don’t recommend you SKIP this step … Just like building a home requires a master plan so does building a well-balanced and practical wardrobe.

Now that you’ve gained incredible personal knowledge, we recommend the following steps.

Step 5A. The Dreaded Closet Clean Up …

You may dread it but we love it and … we make it fun too! We remove items that sabotage your personal and professional success and consider alterations for things still in fashion, in good taste and of course in good condition. Once your closet has been liberated of unusable items we begin coordinating different outfits to build a wardrobe filled with choices you actually love to wear. Loads of professional advice, hands-on practical & clothing critique.

5B. The Wardrobe Master Plan …

Creating A Wardrobe Plan That Works and Breaking the buying habit! Did you ever asked yourself why you buy what you buy? Do you really need it or is it suitable for your lifestyle? Stop Buying and Start Planning. An effective wardrobe plan takes into consideration the needs of different lifestyles & the needs of your body type while allowing you to express your true personality. It should also reflect current fashions and most of all respect your wardrobe budget.

5C. Complete Wardrobe Management

We’ll help you get to the bottom of your closet and rediscover the gems you may already have in your current wardrobe. Loads of professional advice, hands-on practical & clothing critique ~ Includes Closet Audit (4A) & Wardrobe Planning (4B) as well as … Module Charts

All Wardrobing Sessions include loads of professional advice, hands-on practical and valuable tips. Book your appointment today!

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