This past September, my husband, George and I were invited to a beautiful cottage in Huntsville, about two and a half hours north of Oakville. It was a beautiful drive. We marvelled at the changing colours of the leaves and applauded Mother Nature’s artistry.  
We thoroughly enjoyed walking along the trails and seeing all that nature had to offer, including a fawn (young deer) crossing the road. The fawn didn’t seem at all phased or afraid by our presence… in fact, it was almost as if he wondered what we were doing there! 
Deer crossing the road
I often take walks with my father-in-law, now living with us in his new private lodgings. Cory, our future son-in-law, created a wonderful suite in the lower level of our home that allows us to visit him and vice versa with only a few steps. Cory installed magnificently wide windows that bring in plenty of sunlight. It feels nothing like a “basement”. We thank him for the great work he and his brother did in creating an amazing home for our Pappou (Greek for Dad). 
We are blessed to be surrounded by family. I hope that you have an amazing Christmas and New Year. 

Angele Desgagne

Angèle Desgagné, AICI CIP
Certified Image Professional
Your Fairy Godmother