Why look good when you can look

How we view ourselves is expressed in the way we dress. Our self-esteem and confidence rises when we are complimented in the way we dress and look. When we feel better and more confident, it is projected through our clothing, posture, mannerism and language. It shows to the world that we care about who we are and that we are worth knowing.

Our Mission

Helping our clients (individuals and companies) explore, embrace and express their individuality and greatness through personal image and professional brand management so they can unlock their hidden potential, achieve excellence and master their vision with confidence and distinction. Learn More
The Art of Dressing, Savoir-vivre & Savoir-faire with Style, Confidence and Credibility … to help you develop a mark of distinction … as unique as your signature!

Colour Analysis

colour chart
A “Personalized Colour Analysis” is about understanding your own personal colouring. Ready to book your Personalized Colour Analysis?

Wardrobe Review

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Stretch your wardrobe potential with the right accessories. Choose colors that look great on you while making mixing and matching your wardrobe easier. Order your closet review today!

Personal Shopper

Learn how to use clothing and grooming as a marketing tool. Understand what clothing styles work best for your position, personality and lifestyle. Let us help you shop today!

Identify Your Personal Style

A 1-Day Package consists of 8 hours which makes up the base of four steps of services that provide personal analysis with keeping your needs in mind, colour analysis, style, lifestyle, and clothing style evaluation. This base service applies to all 4 packages.

Demystify the Closet

A 2-Day Package that includes the 1-Day Package as well as including an additional 8 hours totaling 16 hours. We add a complete wardrobe management offer including closet audit and wardrobe planning and modules. This is the most popular package.

Discover Your Personal Power

A 3-Day Package includes the former two packages Steps 1 – 5C plus adding step 6 which includes a full-day shopping excursion.

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

A 4-Day Package, an opportunity to really get to know you through all 6 steps and we offer a choice of 3 additional complimentary services.
changeroom trying on leopard dress

Harmonizing One’s Outer Self with One’s Inner Self to send the right message! Even as a young child, I have always been affected by the clothes and the colours that I wore. It affected my mood, self-esteem, and confidence. Being fair and cool in my colouring, the softer cooler colors are best on me. The […]