Protocol & Civilities For Today


Good manners are not a sign of weakness. Good manners can set you apart and keep you a step or two ahead of the competition. Mastering the rules of etiquette will put you at ease so you can concentrate on the business at hand.

The word etiquette alone conjures up uncomfortable feelings.  How do we differentiate between good manners, knowing the rules of etiquette, and respecting protocol? 

You may find yourself in a situation where it may be necessary to bend one of the rules of etiquette in order to show consideration for others. In this instance, having good manners becomes more important than respecting the rules.  However, one must learn the rules before successfully breaking them.

Participants will learn how to be a gracious host or guest, feel at ease make others comfortable in any situation or setting by understanding the differences between having good manners, knowing proper etiquette and respecting protocol. Have a few questions? Please connect with Angèle Desgagné, AICI CIP – Certified Image Professional today for more information.