Curious About the Frog

Why choose a frog for a company logo?

In a nutshell … the frog symbolizes personal transformation!

curious about the frog logo

We’ve all heard one fairy tale or another that talks about a frog magically transforming itself into a beautiful princess or handsome prince. The concept is very popular in many cultures. The most famous story is that of the Frog Prince. Interestingly, this particular story has many early variations that are reversed. The frog is a girl, and the young man must risk kissing it in order to discover a beautiful princess or bride.

More recently, I am reminded of Shrek II… where Fiona’s father is eventually returned to his former self – a frog. Even Fiona’s transformation, although reversed at her request, is quite astonishing.

Have you ever felt like the ugly frog, toad or duckling? Or wished you could be the “belle of the ball” or the “prince of the party”? We all have.

The frog also stands for growth, vision, aspiration, desire, goal, true self, individuality, greatness, essence, personal power, authenticity and more.

We all aspire to be better and reach higher. Because my personal mission is to “help clients explore, embrace and express their individuality and greatness through personal image to unlock their hidden potential, achieve excellence and master their vision with confidence and distinction” … there was no doubt in my mind that the frog was the perfect fit for my image!

I have always been fascinated with frogs. Even as a child I was amazed by the various shapes, colors and sizes. They all have different spots and patterns just like we do. Each frog is unique and beautiful in its own way. It so happens that over the years, I have amassed an extensive collection of belts, pendants and pins in the shape of a frog. They have become great conversation starters when I first meet people in networking, business or personal settings, and a great way to differentiate myself. In fact, these treasures have become part of my personal brand ~ a personal trademark, if you will. People may not always remember my name, or be able to pronounce it, but they always remember the frog … et voilà, instantaneous brand recognition.

Frogs can be comical. Frogs can be magical.

Last but not least I felt it appropriate to add a little humour to my logo. I am proudly French Canadian and since Anglophones often refer to French Canadians as “frogs”, I decided to have a little fun!

As Stephanie, one of my workshop’s participants says – we all need a little magic:

“Angèle opened my eyes to the powerful role that image plays in our daily lives and ultimately in our success. Her ability to create a personal branding through colour, style and presence changed the way I think about my clothing and style choices. Cinderella had a fairy godmother: we have Angèle Desgagné.”

The fairy godmother and frog

What’s your wish? While it may take a little more than a kiss to unlock your hidden potential, you already have a Fairy Godmother to show you the way. And they’ll all live happily ever after…