Organization Testimonials

What do our clients say about us?

“Angèle Desgagné was a perfect fit for our Women Sales Manager’s Conference.  The tips and tricks she presented on developing a personal brand were both effective and insightful, and this resonated with our audience.  The advice she gave on creating a winning first impression was honest and heartfelt, and we now realize how perceptions play a critical role in determining career success.”

Organizing committee for the GMCC Women Sales Manager’s Conference / General Mills  

“I would like to thank you for the very professional presentation you gave to our York graduate students this semester. It was very much appreciated by all the students.  You have a very nice presentation style. Because they are entering into the business world at the MBA level, many of our students will assume management positions at the very beginning of their working careers.  Image will play a major role in their personal and their career development.  Your expert advice on personal style and grooming will serve them well in their transition and into their future growth.” 

Bonnie ~ Schulich School of Business, York University ~ Strategic Career Management

“You were extremely effective last night with great information.  I myself did not know much about your business, so it was an eye-opener for me too. I would be delighted to have you back anytime.” 

Janet Evans ~ Fashion Department / Ryerson University

Angèle … Your visit last night was motivating and instructive.  The students found it very helpful, and were very anxious to pick up your packages.

Mary Turner ~ Fashion Program Coordinator/ Ryerson University

“The workshop feedback was great! It certainly met my expectations.” 

Robert Preston ~ Ricketts, Harris LLP Barristers & Solicitors

“Your overview on professional image was quite insightful and influential in several of our Manager’s appearances. We now have a better understanding of what is appropriate for corporate wear versus business casual.”

Karen  ~VP Human Resources, Navigant International/ Canada

“The presenter is an excellent example of what she preaches. My first impression was she is exactly what we want our people to portray to our client base.”

Michael ~ VP Strategic Account Development, Navigant International/ Canada

“The 2K4 SEA participants found your talk to be interesting, professional and motivational. As a successful entrepreneur, they found your perspective on self-employment enlightening and realistic. You gave them a first-hand account of the challenges you faced to reach your goals.”

Fatima ~ Program Co-ordinator /The Enterprise Centre, Oakville

“I must thank you for helping with a huge challenge I had to face in my teaching career. Finding an interesting presentation to enrich my 40 girls of 16 years of age is not an easy task. This is particularly difficult considering that keeping girls of this age interested for so many hours is virtually impossible. You accomplished it all, especially in such a limited space.

The girls in my class have limited French skills but I must congratulate you on presenting in French in such a manner that all the girls understood. Your presentation on image, makeup and etiquette was extraordinary. You varied the well-prepared activities with excellent pace. You were able to understand their level of needs and interests. You kept them involved by motivating them and allowed them to interact. You were able to help them by offering them personal tips with your expertise analysis.”

Heidi ~ French Instructor / St-Mildred’s-Lightbourn School, Oakville Ontario

“Dear Angèle … Thank you for coming to St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School to speak with my Co-op class regarding proper Image and Etiquette in the work place.  Your presentation was excellent.  Your enthusiasm, knowledge and creative presentation along with a nice sense of humour, kept the students very interested and they were able to come away with a wealth of information that will certainly assist them in the working world.  I hope that you will, once again, share this knowledge with my other classes.”

Joanne Rooke ~ Co-op Teacher / St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School, Mississauga Ontario

“Angèle, I want to thank you for taking the time to drive out to Mississauga to address my colleagues and superiors. They also appreciated your efforts and found you did a professional job in your presentation.”

Karen ~ Career Service Consultant/ Trios College Hamilton Ontario

“Dear Angèle … I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come and speak with us yesterday.  In class today, students were still talking about how interesting, useful, and humorous your presentation was.  The PowerPoint was fabulous, and really gave us the visuals to go along with the practical advice that you dispensed. Again, it was very generous of you to help us all “put our best foot forward” as we move onwards into the professional world. Thank you!”

Sarah Higginson ~ Seneca@York’s post graduate Corporate Communications program

“Angèle … Thanks for your great presentation on “Working Wardrobes”, as always you presented the material in a way everyone could relate to and the “takeaways” were great as it reinforced what you taught us in the workshop.”

Karen Roy ~ Co-Founder Beyond Networking

“ Angèle has delivered a number of presentations for my company and in each case has been extremely professional in both her appearance and delivery. She engages the audience with her knowledge as well as with her infectious smile and pleasant demeanour’.”

Audie McCarthy/Marrek Solutions Inc. ~ Co-Founder Beyond Networking

“Angèle opened my eyes to the powerful role that image plays in our daily lives and ultimately in our success.  Her ability to create a personal branding through colour, style and presence changed the way I think about my clothing and style choices. Cinderella had a fairy godmother; we have Angèle Desgagné.”

Stephanie Miller ~ Trinity Communications Brokers / Beyond Networking

“Dear Angèle … I very much enjoyed your presentation and you are a walking example of what you are talking about, so very congruent with your message.  You have given me the inspiration to focus more on my own image – it’s terrific advertising!”

Angelina Huard, Beyond Networking

“Loved it … Great presentation! … Very thorough & very exciting presentation … We can use most of the info everyday on our life. Fabulous! … Very interesting ~ I enjoyed the before and after pictures a lot … Very informative ~ enjoyed the session ~ learned a lot … Excellent presentation! … Professional! She was very clear and easy to follow. Angèle gave excellent and affordable advice … Enjoyable and informative … Fantastic.  I learned things that I could take away and use … Very interesting … Great! She is a great presenter – I loved to listen to her ideas …  Very interesting presentation! I would have liked to listen to her even longer … She was great … I thought Angèle was great.  She really gave me something to think about.” 

Beyond Networking Participants

“Angèle … Thanks again for a great workshop.” 

Floriana ~ Women Moving Forward, Hamilton Ontario

“You presented very effective and easy principles that a client could use to change their style. Your presentation was clear, concise and well organized. You have a natural ability to convey most effectively important points, which can help a client, discover themselves.”

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Clinics / Burlington Ontario

“Thank you for teaching Colour Analysis to the School of Makeup Art Ltd. The class enjoyed your expertise and professionalism. I appreciate having someone of your knowledge and skill that I am able to call on to be an instructor or speaker.”

Karen Brunger, AICI CIP ~ Director of International Image Institute, Toronto Ontario

Her outstanding knowledge and expertise in the field of image management as well as her ability to effectively communicate, inform and share knowledge in either official language were a tremendous asset during our workshops. Her friendly yet professional approach makes her a pleasure to work with.”

Lynn Mackay~ Lynn Mackay Image Consulting Inc., Ottawa Ontario

Your time, energy and talents at the photo shoot were so appreciated. Working on a joint project is really the best way to learn other peoples’ values and standards. Your creative suggestions to get around our challenges were truly enjoyed and wonderful. I imagine you would handle anything with grace and a good idea.”

Donna Chevrier, AICI CIP~ Donna Chevrier & Associates, Mississauga Ontario

“My clients thoroughly enjoyed working with you and loved the eyeglass frames that you chose for them. It is difficult to find someone that really cares about the clients and your warm, genuine manner was well received. I truly appreciated the professional manner in which you represented Perceptions Eyewear. You are impeccably put together and you accessorize wonderfully with your own eyewear, which builds trust among my clients and colleagues.”

Wendy Buchanan ~ Perceptions Eyewear, Mississauga Ontario

“Your knowledge and experience in the fashion industry have contributed in no small measure to making these events successful.”

Raj Persaud, AICI CIP ~ Designer Fashion Event (DFE) Coordinator, Oakville Ontario

“Angèle has a keen eye and strong communication skills allowing her to work most effectively with clients in their image management strategies. She is highly skilled, most inspiring and a wonderful asset to anyone considering her services.”

Brenda ~ Chic Accents/Essential Images, Burlington Ontario

“Your presentation was extremely clear and well planned. Thank you for a very informative and encouraging talk.”

Oakville Christian Women’s After Five Club

“Our event was a success because of your professionalism and passion to share your Image Management Insights.”

Brant Bible Church, Burlington Ontario

 “Thank you for your vast knowledge and wonderful presentation, which brought the discovery of Image Management to a very eager audience during our “Spring Fling Mothers and Daughters Banquet.”

Oakridge Bible Church, Oakville Ontario 

“Excellent presentation … Very interesting … I especially loved the impromptu presentation for our only male guest” 

Club Richelieu Trillium ~ Toronto Chapter Ontario

“Very interesting presentation! … Topics very relevant, I can easily apply each tip provided on style, personality and wardrobe to everyday life … Loved the information on undergarments … J’ai bien aimé la relation entre corps-tenue vestimentaire … I totally enjoyed your presentation on skin tone, hair and eye colours … Très bonne présentation … I really enjoyed learning about what works for my body type … Learned a great deal on how to enhance my best assets!”

AFAF Toronto participants