Choosing the Right Session

Increase self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-distinction!

Personal Image Services

If you enjoy in-depth, detailed step-by-step instructions and appreciate concentrating on a specific topic, we suggest choosing Personal Image Services such as:

A Preliminary Image Audit is conducted for all clients prior to the delivery of Personal Image Services and Personal Image Packages. We do this because it is crucial that we and you have a clear understanding of your needs. Fees for the Preliminary Image Audit are deducted from the purchase of a Personal Image Service or Personal Image Package within 30 days. Have a question about our Preliminary Image Audit? Let’s talk!  

Personal Image Services

If you prefer less detail and more “big picture” concepts, thrive on a broad base of knowledge, and dislike step-by-step instructions, we suggest one of our Personal Image Packages: 

  • Personal Image Package #1 (8 hours)
  • Personal Image Package #2 (16 hours)
  • Personal Image Package #3 (24 hours)
  • Personal Image Package #4 (32 hours) 

Personal Image Packages are perfectly suited for both men and women, and offer the best value possible.  They provide you the opportunity to purchase the package that best meets your needs and budget. Clients tell us they love the flexibility of our Personal Image Packages. 

Specialty Image Services

If you can’t find the perfect package, we will create something customized specifically for your needs. Some examples of Specialty Image Services include: 

  • Packing for your trip (either business or vacation)
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Weddings

We couldn’t make this journey easier if we tried! Learn more about the significant role that image plays in your everyday life by connecting with Angèle today!