Personal Consultation Testimonials

What do our clients say about us?

Quite amazing to me the difference the right colours make!

“Angèle, I am so delighted that I did colour analysis with you.  I found the process very interesting and I have taken some bold steps to revamping my wardrobe as a result of the session.  I was stuck in a rut of wearing black all the time and, given I am an autumn, I have learned it wasn’t doing much for me.  I tried taking everything, except a few favorite blacks, and hiding them in the guest room closet.  I kept everything that was within my colour wallet and I have purchased a few new outfits.  I must say I feel quite rejuvenated and have had numerous compliments lately.  It is quite amazing to me the difference the right colours make. Thank you again for your professional expertise.”

Elizabeth ~ Oakville, Ontario

Armed with a better understanding of who I was and what I want!

“After looking one too many times in a closet full of clothes that just didn’t make me feel they represented who I was and a dated image staring me back in the mirror, I spoke to a friend who referred me to Angèle. At first, I was hesitant thinking that this type of service was for women. But when she began to ask questions I had never considered connecting to the image I was portraying and the one I wanted, I realized I needed an objective approach.

After ruthlessly gutting my closet (even my favorite T-shirts had to go) I had a clean slate. We spent a great deal of time before we spent a cent on clothes, determining my style, activities, physique and colour preferences. Armed with a better understanding of who I was and what I wanted, we hit the stores. Purchases were made with value, practicality and versatility in mind.

Angèle has a great eye for colour, cut and coordination, as well as, knowing that men’s preferences and needs are different than women’s. The experience has helped me be more discerning when I shop now and I pay much greater attention to colour, fabric and cut. I would recommend Angèle and her services to anyone looking to refine or revamp their style and wardrobe. Thanks Angèle.”

Michael ~ Oakville, Ontario  ~ President, Meyer & Zapp Windows & Doors

Such a difference it makes to my confidence!

“I feel great! I still LOVE the clothes – I cannot get over how much of a difference it makes to my confidence. My husband just raised his eyebrows when I showed him what I bought but since then, he compliments me every day (about twice the usual amount). We went out shopping on the weekend & after I changed into my ‘casual clothes’ he went back & dressed up to match. The suit was a showstopper – I felt like a million $$ – I even wore the flower! The best compliment I received was from a staff member who said ‘You’ve never sounded so confident and in control as you did this year’ – that’s exactly how I felt!”

Lenore ~ Mississauga, Ontario  ~ General Manager

Embracing the process of how to standing back to see my body shape and which clothes to choose.

“ In our session together, Angèle was able to share her extensive knowledge and experience and it has made a huge impact in my life and how I feel about myself, far more than I ever imagined. In our time together she showed me how to stand back and see my body shape, colouring and how I really look in the clothes I was choosing.  Previously shopping was sometimes very frustrating for me but shopping now is very different because I am learning to select the right clothing cut and style as well as fit and colour.  Since embracing this process I get more compliments from family and friends including comments about my hair that I have let go into its natural curly state for the first time.  Without the increased confidence, I probably would not have let the curls show because it has been straight forever.  I look forward to meeting with Angèle again and continuing my personal journey!”

Lynn ~ Guelph, Ontario ~ Business Analyst National Claims Department

You helped me see how others see me!

“Angèle, it was through the excitement of my best friend Lynn that had me surfing your website and booking an appointment with you!  You know when you get excited, happy and almost envious of listening to someone talking about something they just experienced and you just want to have that feeling too!

Well, that’s what happened…she was even excited the day before your appointment, just putting together what she wanted to share with you! The afternoon that I spent with you was so enlightening and valuable to me. Your knowledge, professionalism and excitement was great and I know I only touched the surface of what I can learn about myself…you would think that after 43 years, I would know all about myself!  But you helped me see how others see me (how I look and what I wear) and how I can improve on enhancing what I have.  Understanding my body shape, style, actual size & colours has given me the confidence in all aspects of my being…inside & out!  When I go shopping I carry my little colour book, I realize that what is “in style” might not work for me and that’s okay!  Now I know what to look for to put together the best me!  No more impulse buying and I feel great about that! 

So Angèle, thank you for your help…with Christmas coming I will be getting a gift certificate for a daughter and a husband!  Thank you for that…this is a perfect gift!”

Linda ~ Guelph, Ontario ~ Owner/Fox Harley Davidson

“P.S. my excitement is also contagious…I have referred you to all that have asked, “What did you change?  Your hair, clothes? Something is different!”   It’s so much fun!”

A wise investment for a career woman!

“Great image coach, provide excellent advice and helped me improve my image and confidence immensely – a wise investment for a career woman. I appreciate your time, perseverance and exceptional attention to style and fit. You are extremely tactful, professional, and courteous.”

Heather ~ Consultant ~ Logixsource Consulting Ltd/Georgetown Ontario

You made my packing for my trip so much easier!

“Thank you for your help.  You made my packing for my trip so much easier and I feel more confident about the wardrobe I am taking, knowing I have enough outfits to get me through all the things I’m going to be doing over there.”

Helen ~ Toronto, Ontario ~ Psychotherapist/Life Coach

“Wow Mom, you look good” did wonders for my self-esteem!

“Having reached the wonderful 50’s, I was in much need of a major “overhaul” and approached Angèle for some help with this daunting task.  Her knowledge, professional approach, attention to detail and most especially her endless patience during many hours of shopping for just the right item have resulted in a new image that has even the President I work for commenting on how nice I look! The ultimate compliment recently came from my son whose comment “Wow Mom, you look good” did wonders for my self-esteem!  Bravo Angèle and thank you so much for making me feel so confident about myself.”

Helene  ~ Mississauga, Ontario ~ Executive Assistant

After working with Angèle I know which style items that don’t suit me, I stay clear away and don’t waste money!

“Your assessment of my body type, coloring and personality made it clear which styles were right for me. It really is easier to buy clothes now because I don’t even consider the items that don’t suit me. There is no doubt in my mind that the cost of your services is repaid many times over the years just through money not spent on unsuitable and unflattering clothing.”

Liann ~ Oakville, Ontario ~ Educational Assistant

I have saved not only money, but also have saved countless hours of decision-making time.

“The idea of dressing for my height, bone structure and soma type has facilitated my shopping trips. I now more readily mix and match styles and colours and end up feeling comfortable with my presentation. By following your guidelines, I have saved not only money, but also have saved countless hours of decision-making time. Above all, I enjoy opening my closet door and finding clothes I know suit my personality and my lifestyle” 

Marion ~ Richmond Hill, Ontario ~ Retired teacher & Part-time Tutor

Following having a newborn, dressing, putting myself together and shopping is so much easier.

 “I wouldn’t have done it for myself but I am so happy and grateful that my husband offered me this session after the birth of our first child. It has been a big change and made a big difference … so beneficial … I am so pleased with the outcomes. Dressing, putting myself together and shopping is so much easier. I follow everything we talked about during the session. Thank you!”

Donna ~ Oakville, Ontario ~ Full-time mother of 3

You have an incredible eye for detail and for the finishing touches that make it all come together.

Dear Angèle … I am writing to thank you for your time and guidance throughout our recent meetings which included colors, personality style, body type evaluation and a shopping trip.  It was like shopping with a friend, only better since you are discreetly objective and the trip was all about me.

While I was quite nervous about the experience, you made the whole experience quite painless.  Your advice and comments helped me focus on the colours, fit and style that are right for me.  You have an incredible eye for detail and for the finishing touches that make it all come together. This has truly been a worthwhile investment.  I have learned how to focus on building an outfit and a wardrobe.  The difference in my wardrobe has been so dramatic.  I now have several outfits that look put together and I wear them.  Since our meetings I have been able to purge my closet of items that do not flatter me. I look forward to future shopping trips with you to reinforce what I have learned and to further expand my wardrobe!

Renata Z. ~ Toronto, Ontario