Image Training Testimonials

What do our clients say about us?

“Angèle Desgagné’s presentation for the very first AICI Canada Chapter Education Day was excellent.  She is a meticulous presenter and her attention to detail shows in all of her materials.  Her presentation was so well thought-out and easy to understand.

Angèle’s power point presentation was very easy to follow and the set-up was very thorough; it gave me ideas on how to set up my power point for the next AICI Education Day.  She gave me something to strive towards. Angèle is the type of person that one can trust will get the job done no matter what it takes; she is committed to excellence within the image consulting industry and someone that I hold in high regard. Thank you for such a wonderful presentation, and I look forward to next year’s!

Daniela Mastragostino, AICI CIP ~ President and founder of Nové Image Consulting

“Angèle taught me everything I needed to know to start my own image consulting business.  Her expertise was evident and much appreciated.  Best of all, she provided me with one on one training which worked with my schedule. She has been an invaluable mentor to me since taking her course – instilling confidence in myself and in my abilities.  I would highly recommend Angèle to anyone interested in taking her courses.  She is professional, articulate and provides a fun environment in which to learn.  Thanks Angèle for all that you do for me and most of all, for being my friend and mentor.”

Amy Casson, Polished Image ~ London ON

“With her professionalism, knowledge and patience, Angèle was able to help me fulfill my objectives of starting a new career. By completing her courses, “Image Management Training” and “Colour Analysis Training”, Angèle gave me the ability to become an Image Consultant and the confidence needed to start my business.”

Isabel Rivard, Québec

“Understanding colour theory is essential to being successful as an image consultant.  Angèle taught me everything I needed to know about colour while doing so in a fun and interactive way. Thanks Angèle for helping me understand colour and the important role it plays in image.”

Amy Casson, Polished Image ~ London ON

“Dear Angèle, thank you for your most thorough and most interesting course on personal colour analysis.  The course was very professionally presented and well organized.  I enjoyed your helpful, warm personality and I learned many comprehensive details of colour analysis and how to present the information to clients.  Your focus never wavered when it took time and patience to teach myself, and the clients. It was a pleasure to meet such a highly energized, wonderful role model in the image consulting business.  Thank you.”  

Joanne Robson, Prescott ON

“Not only did Angèle provide expert and flexible one-on-one training, she did so with total professionalism, humour and warmth. More importantly, I know that if I ever need additional support, she is only a phone call away! Thanks again, Angèle.”

Karen, Toronto ON

“Angèle and Iram … I wanted to thank you very much for the colour analysis you performed on me this morning. I enjoyed the way you both took care of me, because it made me feel like a queen (just like on a cruiseship!) You took time to make sure I was given the right advice and to explain to me the rationale of your recommendations. Angèle I appreciated the way you explained the importance of colours in my professional environment.  I would recommend this service to anyone who is already interested, and to anyone who is not yet interested. You will not be disappointed! Thank you!”

Frédérique Herel  ~ Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader and Personal Coach / Tapping the Power of the Subconscious Mind

“Angèle … Je suis ravie d’avoir été chez toi pour *les couleurs*!!! Je suis revenue chez moi toute fière de me trouver dans le beau printemps…J’avais d’ailleurs beaucoup de choses qui appartenaient à cette saison, sans le savoir, alors j’ai déjà commencé le très grand triage de ma garde-robe et ça me soulage beaucoup. Je donnerai le tout à ma voisine portugaise, qui en prendra pour elle et enverra le reste à la parenté aux Acores. Et quelle expérience flatteuse!!!  le teint idéal*  pêches et crème !!!!   et les yeux pers, verts,…. Beaucoup de beaux compliments et d’encouragement, Merci! Merci à Iram et à toi aussi, Angèle. Je me sens tellement plus légère. » 

~ Nicole Dolan, AFAF

“Angèle met my very specific request. Her flexibility as an instructor was extremely well appreciated. She is remarkably professional and definitely knows what she is talking about! I learnt soooooo much from Angèle and I know that I will be able to apply what I learnt for my clients and myself. I would recommend her course to anyone interested in learning the secrets of dressing for success.

”Myrka Brisson, Exude Confidence ~ Mississauga ON