Master The Art of Shopping

Confused by the wide selection offered in stores?  Frustrated when shopping for clothes? How many shopping trips have you made only to return empty handed? Can’t find anything that fits – properly? 

Personalized Shopping Excursions

Now that you have gotten rid of the chaos in your closet and have a wardrobe master plan, it’s time to master the Art of Shopping. Learn how to make the wisest clothing choices for your budget in order to build an efficient and practical wardrobe specific to your own personal and professional needs. Your wardrobe should reflect today – not yesterday no matter what season we are in or what stage you are at in your life. Master the art of shopping effectively and efficiently and gain the confidence to do it on your own while saving precious time and money.

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6A. “Practice Makes Perfect” Personal Shopping Excursion

Gain instant confidence by practicing what you’ve learned. Nothing like a hands-on experience to help get a better grasp of the many valuable tips & concepts you have learned in previous sessions. Our shopping excursion will help you master the art of shopping effectively and efficiently while gaining the confidence to do it on your own and not feel intimidated by salespeople.

6B. Jumping into The Corporate World: Shopping for Business Clothes

We’ll explain and simplify the rules and guidelines for today’s more relaxed business world and help you dress smartly and professionally for every day business, casual days and every thing in between.

6C. Shifting Gear: Dressing For A New Lifestyle

Are you changing job? Industry? New entrepreneur? Retiring? Stay-at-home mom? Understanding the different clothing requirements for a new lifestyle or environment will greatly reduce the stress and frustration of getting dressed. Confidently project the image you want all the time without feeling frazzled.

6D. Wardrobe Refresher For Clients

Are you letting your investment go down the drain? Would you be among the many who may neglect your wardrobe once you’ve invested time, effort and money into cleaning it up? Just as cars need regular tune-ups to run smoothly, your wardrobe needs regular adjustments to reflect seasonal as well as life changes.

6E. The Secrets of Accessorizing

Nothing makes or breaks an outfit like the wrong or right accessory. A practical hands-on experience at the store will reinforce your personal sense of style. Learn how to choose the right accessories to complement your body shape and personality style. Find out which accessories are appropriate for business, evening, social and casual wear. 

All shopping excursions include loads of professional advice, hands-on & in-store practical, valuable shopping tips and techniques and a post-shopping “mix & match” session.

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