Is Your “Crowning Glory” Up To Par With Your Image?

What Does Your Hairdo Say About You?

What does your hairdo say about you?

An unkempt hairdo can ruin the effect of a great outfit in a matter of minutes. A flattering hairstyle will not only maximize your facial features but also minimize your flaws while enhancing your overall image. A poor or unkempt haircut will do just the opposite. A great hairstyle starts by knowing what suits your face shape, lifestyle, type of hair, and personality. Seek the help of a talented and sympathetic hair stylist that you trust.

For some, choosing a flattering hairstyle for their face shape and personality is as easy as can be. For others, seeing a hairdresser is worse than going to the dentist. We’ve all had the experience of a disaster haircut or two. You know the ones that made you wish you had never gone. I’ve had a few myself and, like the rest of you, felt totally helpless and disheartened when it happened. One of my worst haircuts happened a couple of months just before our wedding. The hairdresser and I definitely didn’t talk the same language. In a moment, I went from healthy long straight hair to choppy mid-length multi-layered hair that I couldn’t do anything with. I was so upset. The good news is that it always grows back.

In business, short hair is considered the most powerful for men and women alike. Whatever you do, maintain a well-groomed haircut at all times with regular visits to your hairstylist. Showing that you care about yourself sends the message that you will also take care of business, and that you will do your outmost to look after every detail. It also shows that you will take care of your clients in the same manner you take care of yourself.

Nowadays, there are so many great cuts for men; there is no reason to walk around with an outdated or messy hairstyle. If you do decide to wear your hair long, keep it clean and wear it neatly tied in the back – never messy. However, men with long hair working in traditional and conservative industries might need to reassess their professional goals as it might play against their chances of getting ahead. If you have a receding hairline, wear a short hairstyle that you can comb forward or spike for a natural and cool look. If your hair is thinning, keep it fairly short and neatly trimmed. If you are going bald, don’t despair. Men such as Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Patrick Stewart, Yul Brynner, or Vin Diesel, to name a few, have made baldness a sign of virility. If you only have a few hairs on top or around the bottom, shave them off. It looks neater, smoother, smarter, not to mention sexier. Long strands of hair look sparse and accentuate thinning while short, layered hair appears fuller. Please avoid the old-fashioned comb-over look over your bald spot. It looks terrible when the wind blows, plus it calls more attention to your bald spot instead of hiding it and, between you and I, most women do no find it very attractive.

Although women have more flexibility than men, hair seems to be somewhat of a universal complaint. Wishing for thicker, curlier, straighter, different color or whatever hair. My one advice would be to accept whatever hair color or type you were blessed with and make the most of it. Learn to work with it rather than against it and you might be surprised by the end results. Women with long hair (past the shoulders) should put their hair up for work to look more professional and in control. Make sure to do it in a way that will remain up all day. Messy buns show a neglectful and not caring attitude ~ not a great seller for a potential promotion or job. Also, be careful with styles that constantly demand that you push it back. It takes your power away. People are not hearing what you are saying because they are too busy paying attention to your gestures, plus you might be sending an inappropriate “sexual” message without knowing. Your hair should never be a distraction. Whether short or long, keep hair in good condition. Hair should be clean, dandruff-free, neat and cut regularly to keep your hair free of split-ends.

If you are determined to colour your hair or cover grey, I highly recommend that you have it done by a professional colourist. If you are seeking change, that change must be a harmonious mix of natural and artificial pigments that relates to your own personal colouring or, as I like to call it, your own personal landscape, not someone else’s. To change your hair colour radically can be tricky as the colours of your skin, eyes and hair are closely interconnected. Keep the colour as close to your natural colour as possible or choose a colour that harmonizes with your natural colouring. The wrong hair colour will make your skin look sallow, sickly and even look older. However, the right colour will make you look younger, healthier and friendlier.

Just remember this ~ when sporting the right hairdo people will notice your face first, not your hairstyle or hair color or your clothes for that matter, and that’s the way it should be.

Your hair is your “crowning glory”. Make it count!