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Maximize Your Closet Assets

… Now is the perfect time for a Spring Closet Cleanup!

Your closet is like a sanctuary and should be full of clothes you love to wear.

We all know the rejuvenating power of spring. We’re re-energized and the first thing we like to do is clean up house, garage, car, backyard, and so on. Don’t stop there! Think a step further … and do a spring closet cleanup. Spring is all about clothes you can wear most of the year with a clothing allowance for the hot summer months. Weight matters, so choose lightweight fabrics made of natural fibres that breathe such as cotton, linen or lightweight wool like Superwool.

Before you go shopping, assess what you currently have … and do a closet cleanup. Building a wardrobe without a plan is like travelling without a destination. You are most likely to end up with “racks of clothes that don’t go together” or suffer the infamous “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”. So plan and develop a wardrobe strategy that will serve you well and stretch your hard-earned dollars further. Imagine what you could do with all the money you saved… A trip? A cruise?

I can’t lie… I love closet cleanups. It’s a great way to clear the cobwebs of another long winter. Tackling a closet cleanup is not difficult but can be time-consuming and take longer than anticipated. Set aside a full day for this task. I have spent from 2 hours to 3 days doing wardrobe audits in client’s closets. Be patient! Enjoy the process of going through each item, discarding clothes that have cluttered your space and mind. Trust me, it is very liberating and enlightening. Here are 7 criteria to consider:

  1. Remove all items that are not the right size ~ every item in your closet is for now ~ not for when you lose or gain weight. Find your healthy weight and maintain it. Clothes that are too small emphasize your body size while clothes that are too big will make you look bigger. Wearing clothes that are not the right size make you appear uncomfortable with yourself, lack confidence, or just not with it. Your clothes are telling others how you view yourself. Don’t you deserve clothes that fit?
  2. Remove all items that are worn out ~ Clothing that’s worn out will only make you look and feel “worn out” or frazzled. Others might think you have health issues or wonder if you have the strength to do or complete the job. You might appear to have given up, are incapable of doing the job or lack motivation. And they’ll only make you feel and look tired. Others might think you’re struggling financially and unable to update your wardrobe. Your clothes are a projection of you and should not only reflect your image but also the image of your clientele.
  3. Remove all items that are outdated ~ Those outdated clothes will make you look like you’re “not with it”, not current in your thinking, or living in the past. Is your old way of thinking and doing projecting flexibility and adaptability? Others might question if you have the necessary skills (technical or mental) to do the job or manage the project.
  4. Remove anything you have not worn in a year ~ These might include items you’ve forgotten at the back of your closet, or items you bypass feeling slightly guilty you never wore them because it may not go with anything you have… or items you bought on impulse and never had the occasion to wear. If you need it and the occasion arises less than once a year, store it in another closet. Hanging on to these items is counterproductive and self-destructive. Every time you go into your closet to get dressed, you unconsciously berate yourself for buying it and not wearing it, and for the wasted money spent. We’ve all done it… accept that you’ve made a mistake and move on. You must get rid of all this negative energy in your closet.
  5. Remove anything that is in the wrong colour ~ Remove items in colours that are not flattering to your skin tone and in harmony with your personal colouring. Remove all colors that make you look and feel drab, sickly or jaundiced, or colors that overpower you. Your face is the first thing you should see when looking in the mirror, not the colour. The right colours will make your eyes sparkle, your skin tone look healthy and your hair shine. Contrary to what designers or fashion says, black doesn’t look great on everyone. If you haven’t done it yet, consider having a Colour Analysis done to discover your best neutral, basic and accents colours.
  6. Remove everything that you do not feel good wearing ~ Any item that you do not feel good wearing, for whatever reason, is a compromise. When you don’t feel comfortable and at ease in a garment, it shows and takes away your personal power. Others are noticing the fidgeting and adjusting of uncomfortable garments. They are too distracted to pay attention to you. Will they remember what you said? Most likely not, they will probably remember what you were doing…fidgeting. Every piece of clothing should feel wonderful. That way you’ll look like someone who knows themselves well, are confident and worth spending time with.
  7. Everything that is not right for your image ~ Your clothes are an expression of you. Your clothes can help you be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and have what you want to have. This amazing tool plays an important role in projecting the right personal and professional image. As you try on your clothes ask yourself: Is the clothing the best I can afford? Does it project the high quality that represents ME? Does it project my abilities/skills? Does it project my personality, and send the messages I wish to send? This is the most difficult stage at which to be objective, and if you’re struggling to remain objective, consider the services of an image consultant to help you finalize your wardrobe.

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