AICI Certificate - Angele Desgagne

My Journey to Becoming a Certified Image Professional

While deep cleaning my home office, I came across a number of training certificates that caused me to pause and realize how far I have come in my journey as a Certified Image Professional. In my role as stay at home Mom, looking after 3 young daughters, it didn’t take long before I forgot who I was. You may have found yourself feeling the same way. These courses were my official eye-opener.

My journey started back in 1996 when a close friend and I attended the Fashion and Image Industry Course as well as the 5-day training in Personal & Professional Development Course. In 1997, I successfully completed and passed the requirements for consulting in Colour Analysis, as well as in Image Management. In 1998, I further developed my skills by attending and successfully completing training in Advanced Colour Analysis. In 2001, I completed the “entire” image management training by attending the last 3-day training in Etiquette & Human Relations. Our instructor, Karen Brunger, AICI CIP from International Image Institute helped me regain my confidence and made me realize how much potential I had.

Personal Imaging Certificates

In 2002, I successfully completed all the requirements for the “Certified Image Professional” designation through the Association of Image Consultant International (AICI). It was with immense pride and pleasure that I was publicly recognized and received my official “AICI CIP” designation at our annual AICI Conference in May 2002. Little did I know… I was the only AICI member that had actually applied for the Certified Image Professional Certification that year. I received a standing ovation. Wow! Imagine how surprised I was!

Universal Style CertificatesIn 2006, I successfully completed all requirements for the Personal Stylist Training – Level 1: Essential Color & Style, as well as the Level 2 : Professional Color & Style, and Level 3: Complete Color Analysis given by The Body Beautiful Institute with Carla Mathis, AICI CIM, co-author of “The Triumph of Individual Style” – a guide to dressing your body, your beauty, your self. “Become the master of your own beauty and style by discovering Your Body’s Design Pattern”. 

In 2009, I successfully completed the Universal Style Certification Level 1 and Universal Style Certification Level II given by Alyce Parsons, AICI CIP CET CIHM. In 2019, I successfully completed the “Universal Style for Women and Men” training and received the title of “Certified Universal Style’ Consultant. This training “gives you the tools you need to perform a Universal Style Assessment for individual clients.” It enables me “to dress my clients in a way that unites their inner essence with their outer expression.”  How great is that?

After discovering all of these certificates buried in binders for so many years, I decided it was time to frame them all and put them on my office wall to remind me how much effort I have put out into becoming a professional Certified Image Consultant.

Learning never stops in the image industry. I will be attending the 10-day Image Mastery Transformation Program in Toronto this month with Karen Brunger, AICI CIP from the International Image Institute. 

I am grateful for all the amazing AICI trainers I have had the chance to learn from during our International AICI Conferences. Thank you to all trainers for their time, knowledge and caring. I wish everyone a wonderful autumn, enjoy the beautiful colors!

Yours truly,

Angèle Desgagné, AICI CIP
Certified Image Professional
Your Fairy Godmother