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What Is and What is not Image Consulting

Fluff. It has been proven that our visual presentation is worth 55% of our overall image. Clothing and grooming accounts for 90%. We believe what we see is more important than what we say or how we sound. In fact, research has shown that interviewers have started to make up their mind “whether or not you have a chance” within minutes or even by the time you shake hands.

A flashy makeover. We believe in helping our clients express their authentic self ~ we don’t believe in making people into something they are not!

A quick fix. We believe in helping our clients embrace the pearl hidden within. And like Michelangelo discovered, expressing a true work of art might take a little longer than anticipated…and it’s okay – because you are worth it.

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“The Image Experts ...
Building Style, Confidence, Credibility”

Angèle Desgagné, AICI CIP