Personalized Colour Analysis

Who Cares About Colour?

Do you shy away from wearing any color other than black or basic neutrals? Do you feel tired, drab or old in your current wardrobe? Are you frustrated trying to mix and match colours with no success? Are you spending too much money on colours you never wear that end up at the back of the closet?

These questions and many more are answered during a Personalized Colour Analysis.

What Colours Look Best On You?

A “Personalized Colour Analysis” is about understanding your own personal colouring. Everyone’s best neutrals, basics and accent colours are different. Your Personal Image Consultant, Angèle Desgagné, will identify the most becoming colours for your eyes, hair and skin tones. By using a hands-on draping technique and various colours of drapes, Angèle will teach you how to look at colour objectively so you can :

  • identify your best neutrals, basics, and accent colours
  • discover your «wow » colours
  • build a wardrobe in colours that look spectacular on you
  • learn how to mix and match colors to achieve a range from the most professional to casual looks.
  • choose the perfect colours for your eyeglasses, hair and make-up

What Happens When You Wear Your Best Colours

What are the effects of wearing your best colours for your skintone/complexion?

  • Your facial details such as lines, shadows, blemishes, scars, beardline, etc. are diminished – instead of being emphasized.
  • Your skin colour looks healthier giving you a rosier or golden glow – instead of making your skin look unhealthy, grayish, anemic, or even jaundiced.
  • Your skin consistency appears more even and smoother – instead of uneven and patchy.
  • Your jawline is lifted up and narrowed – rather than widen and drooping, creating a double chin.
  • Your eyes are intensified and brightened and sparkling – instead of looking faded, dull, lackluster.
  • Your hair looks shiny and intense, in harmony with the colours you wear – instead of looking faded, dull and in discord with the colours you wear.
  • The focus is brought up to your eyes because the person is more important than the colour – instead of bringing the attention down to the jawline and the clothing because the colour takes over.
  • It creates total balance and harmony because the person and colour are connected – instead of the balance and harmony being interrupted because the person and colour are disconnected.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Best Colours

The benefits of a “Personalized” Colour Analysis:

  • Saves you time, money and energy
  • Lessens stress and frustration
  • Makes your shopping experience more pleasurable
  • Simplifies mixing and matching colours
  • Makes getting dressed easier and faster
  • Eliminates expensive mistakes
  • Controls impulse buying

What You Can Expect From Your Personalized Colour Anlaysis

During a Personalized Colour Analysis, you will learn how to:

  • Identify best colours for your wardrobe
  • Choose best colours for makeup, and hair colour
  • Mix and match colours effectively
  • Use colours to send the desired messages
  • Choose colours appropriate for each occasion, personality and lifestyle
  • Gain more buying power by uncovering the secrets of colour psychology
  • Maintain control and learn how to use reason rather than emotion to make important purchasing decisions.

Angèle’s goal is to help you:

  • identify your best neutrals, basics, and accent colours
  • say “no” to fashion colours that are not flattering on you
  • build a wardrobe in colours that look spectacular on you
  • save you time, money and frustration by discovering your “wow” colors
  • revive your wardrobe with glorious colours perfectly suited to your “own” colouring.
  • look fabulous and feel energized everyday!