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To dye or not to dye?

Hair dye or not to dye

Personally, I’m a big advocate of “not to dye”. I have yet to meet a woman who’s happy with her died-hair colour. Ever been awestruck by the beauty of a natural landscape or scenery in the forest? Or ever contemplated how the water, the sky, the mountains, the forest and the earth all seem to harmoniously enhance each other naturally? Ever looked at nature and thought “Oh, dear! Mother Nature really messed up. What was she thinking about mixing the colours of the earth with the colours of the sky or trees?” … Hum, no? I didn’t think so. I have always believed that what we were born with is our ultimate best. It is already perfect. So why mess with what I already like?

If you decide to colour your hair, pick a colour that absolutely looks fabulous and stick with it for a while. Be careful not to change your hair colour too often. It has been my experience that women that consistently change their hair colour from red to blond to black to whatever colour too often unknowingly send the message that they don’t know who they are or that they don’t like or accept who they are. This “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality might send the message that you are not as mature and stable as you would like others to think you are.

During a personal colour analysis, I encourage each client to think about their own personal colouring as their own personal landscaping. Your hair colour, skin tone, and eye colour are interlinked and work in perfect harmony naturally. In some colours, we look good, some even fabulous and then there are others that we look dreadful in! Whether these are fashionable colours or not is irrelevant. When we wear clothing or hair colours in harmony with our personal colouring, we look a lot more attractive, radiant, healthier and younger. Nothing is taking away from our own beauty or handsomeness. There is a feeling that everything is just right, that these colours (clothes or hair) suit this person’s landscape because there is complete and total harmony.

Should you go for a warm or cool hair colour? Do you have low or high contrast? If you don’t know, consider a personalized colour analysis. It will save you costly mistakes, not to mention many frustrating and agonizing hours at the salon. For example, naturally dark-haired people with a light complexion need the high contrast of darker hair to look vibrant ~ blonde will only make them look washed out, bland and tired. They need a frame of dark hair to harmonize with their complexion. On the other hand, light-haired people with low skin contrast need the softness of lighter hair colours to harmonize with the softness of their complexion; otherwise they will look absolutely dreadful, brash and harsh in dark hair colours.

If you are on a budget (it can get costly) or cannot spare the time (it needs regular maintenance), consider keeping your natural hair colour. In my book, sporting an awesome and well-done haircut (especially with grey hair) is better than showing roots or looking unkempt. People do not notice that you’re grey; they notice that your hair looks amazing, that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin … ready to handle any project that might come your way.

Just remember that the deciding factor to a great hair colour is harmonization ~ the new colour should harmonize with your complexion and eyes ~ not stand on its own like a sore thumb.

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