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“Tame and Maintain the Perfect Mane”

Make every day a good hair day!

Here are seven tips to help you tame and maintain the perfect mane anytime:

Lion mane - make every day a good hair day!

How to choose a hairstylist? The best hairdressers are sympathetic and creative. They will take the time to listen and look at the pictures you brought along, and should be able to provide advice whether the style is good for your hair type or not. If you don’t have a hairdresser, get references from your friends or co-workers. If you know someone that has similar hair to yours with a fabulous haircut (even a stranger), please ask for a referral. I have! Believe me, they will be flattered.

What is your face shape? Pull hair off your face using a hairband, and look at your face shape closely in a mirror. What does it look like? Where is the widest point? Is it at the forehead, cheekbones or chin level? Is it longer than wider like an oval or rectangle/oblong shape? Does it appear to be the same width as the height like a square or round? Is your face shape more curved or more angular? The oval face shape can basically do anything within the limits of their own hair texture. For any of the other face shapes (square, round, diamond, hexagon, teardrop, polygon, spade, heart, triangle, oblong, rectangle), it is best to create complimentary width, softness, angles, height or length where you need it.

What’s your lifestyle? Straightening curly hair or curling straight hair every day can be time-consuming. Be sure to discuss with your hairdresser how much time you are willing to spend daily on caring for your hairstyle. Also, if you bring along pictures from magazines, these hairdos are the result of many hours of work by professionals using gels, mousses, rollers, and pins to create that look ~ so keep in mind that you may not be able to reproduce that exact look yourself. Use them instead as a guide for a new style or length rather than trying to copy a look exactly to avoid disappointment.

What’s the texture of your hair? Is it thick or thin? Is it fine or coarse? How much body does it have? Which direction does it grow? For example, I’ve learned over the years that any haircut with a lot of layers that require a lot of teasing or needs tons of products to stay up will not work for my hair type, as my roots are flat and my hair grows forward. It always inevitably ends up falling forward, back in my face no matter what I do. The best haircut for my hair type is the angular bob. Knowing your own hair texture and how you can work with it will minimize the time spent doing your hair and lessen frustrations and disappointments.

What should you wear? Don’t forget to dress up when you go for your haircut, especially if it is your first visit with that stylist. Your stylist is also influenced by your visual appearance and the first impressions you make. Don’t expect something chic if you show up in your jogging suit or dirty jeans.

When should you book your appointment? Saturdays are very busy for hairdressers. There is little time to discuss and address your concerns. Choose the quietest day of the week and the earliest time of day to visit your stylist to ensure success. If you are seeing your hairstylist for the first time, go with your hair in its natural state. Yes, I know it will be hard for some of you. It’s a good idea for the hairstylist to see and feel your hair as it is. Never, ever leave with wet hair because you need to see the style dry before you leave the salon to decide if you like the style.

What questions should you ask? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pay particular attention to what the hairdresser does and ask him/her to explain what they are doing. Ask questions about the products they use. What styling product is best for your hair type? When to apply? How much to use? What type of brush is better for your hair? Curler or flat iron? Remember to inquire about their “satisfaction” policy in case you are not quite happy with your hairstyle. Will you be able to come back for a teaching session or will they fix whatever problem at no cost?

Know this ~ A great haircut is the single most important factor in how your hair looks. Therefore, the sooner you understand and accept your hair type and texture, the sooner you will be able to tame and maintain your mane and make every day a good hair day!

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