How to Choose the Perfect Dress Every Occasion

My advice as your Fairy Godmother Extraordinaire is to think carefully about the occasion and choose a dress that is appropriate for the event – and your body type. You may decide to follow the latest trends – or opt for a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Ultimately, choose a dress that

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l’ancien train Heritage Hopper de Waterloo Central Railway

Celebrating Fall!

Fall was a season of celebrations! We celebrated our granddaughter’s 6th birthday, honoured my father-in-law’s 96th birthday, and threw in Thanksgiving celebrations too! Our youngest daughter, Kelly loves baking. She made a wonderful cake for our granddaughter as well as for my father-in-law. (Do the math… they’re only 90 years apart!) Fall was a season

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Deer crossing the road

Mother Nature’s Artistry

This past September, my husband, George and I were invited to a beautiful cottage in Huntsville, about two and a half hours north of Oakville. It was a beautiful drive. We marvelled at the changing colours of the leaves and applauded Mother Nature’s artistry.   We thoroughly enjoyed walking along the trails and seeing all that

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grandchildren sledding

Winter Has Finally Arrived

This past week, we had a decent snowfall. Some may not like the winter, but for me, born and raised in northern Québec, it’s a reminder of how much fun we had playing in the snow with our neighbours and cousins. Once the snow came, all the children would get dressed and race outside to

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What Does Abundance and Scarcity
Have to do With Your Image?

Everything!  Have you ever worked with a colleague who is constantly critical of everything and everyone? Or ended a friendship or promising relationship because of too much negativity? How we behave at home, work or play affects others around us and how they perceive us. Image encompasses not only our visual appearance but also how

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