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What Can an Image Consultant do for me?

Harmonizing One’s Outer Self with One’s Inner Self to send the right message! Even as a young child, I have always been affected by the clothes and the colours that I wore. It affected my mood, self-esteem, and confidence. Being fair and cool in my colouring, the softer cooler colors are best on me. The colours that I enjoyed to…

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Is Your “Crowning Glory” Up To Par With Your Image?

What Does Your Hairdo Say About You? An unkempt hairdo can ruin the effect of a great outfit in a matter of minutes. A flattering hairstyle will not only maximize your facial features but also minimize your flaws while enhancing your overall image. A poor or unkempt haircut will do just the opposite. A great hairstyle starts by knowing what…

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Maximize Your Closet Assets

… Now is the perfect time for a Spring Closet Cleanup! Your closet is like a sanctuary and should be full of clothes you love to wear. We all know the rejuvenating power of spring. We’re re-energized and the first thing we like to do is clean up house, garage, car, backyard, and so on. Don’t stop there! Think a…

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Is Your Work Attire Killing Your Chances For Promotion?

Dress  to project the right image at all times… In the beginning … when employees are hired, they often receive a dress code policy they are simply expected to follow… without question. Employees are responsible for promoting a respectable image for themselves and their employer; while employers are responsible for ensuring their employees understand their expectations. Integrating ones personal image…

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What Is and What is not Image Consulting

Fluff. It has been proven that our visual presentation is worth 55% of our overall image. Clothing and grooming accounts for 90%. We believe what we see is more important than what we say or how we sound. In fact, research has shown that interviewers have started to make up their mind “whether or not you have a chance” within…

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Minding Your Manners While Dining

Whether you are having dinner at home, with a friend, colleague or client, there is no excuse for bad manners.  Here are some dining tips to help you make a great first impression over a meal no matter what’s at stake. 

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