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How to Dress When Working Online

Many of us are now working from home due to COVID-19 and participating in video conferences and webinars rather than in-person gatherings. We might easily be tempted to show up in pajamas.  Please don’t!

Let’s not forget that while working at home, we still need to show a certain level of professionalism and respect towards our co-workers and employers. It’s easy to spend the day in loungewear or workout clothes. Make an effort to put yourself together as if you are going to work  – shower and get dressed – like you normally would. It’s all about packaging. Think of yourself as news anchor or reporter!

Be especially conscious of these two things:  (1) what you wear from the waist up, and (2) personal grooming. Here are some tips, for men and women, that will help you project more authority, presence, credibility, knowledge and expertise.

Expert Tips for Looking Good on Camera

  • Wear a colour that is flattering on you to help you stand out, and make you feel good.
  • Wear a clean and pressed shirt with a collar. This will frame your face and bring the eyes up, therefore attracting more attention, giving you more authority.
  • Alternate your clothing choice daily to keep things interesting … wearing the same outfit or top every day might give the impression of laziness.
  • Avoid:
    • Tops or shirts with busy patterns or prints can be distracting and take away attention.
    • Wearing too much black … after all, you are not going to a funeral.
    • Women: if you decide to wear a top with no collar
    • Elevate your presence by adding accessories around your face, such as a scarf in your best colour, earrings or a beautiful necklace that makes a statement.
    • Don’t forget to keep the scale of your accessories in line with your bone structure and face.
  • Present yourself perfectly groomed by washing and styling your hair.
  • Men: if wearing a beard, keep it tidy. Cameras have a way of picking up things we don’t notice and later wish others hadn’t either.
  • Women: Putting on makeup will also help project a professional image, and gain credibility. When my daughters ask, “Mom, why do you bother wearing makeup?” I reply, “when I wear makeup, I feel put together, confident, polished and productive! It inspires the right mindset.”

Looking like you just rolled out of bed will not impress anyone, certainly not your boss. Putting your best self forward will project confidence, credibility, productivity, show more energy, interest and enthusiasm. Remember that how you project yourself in-person or online, impacts how others perceive you. Use this time as an opportunity to put your best self forward! 

If you would like more expert advice on the art of personal image and professional brand management, please get in touch!


Is Your Work Attire Killing Your Chances For Promotion?

Dress  to project the right image at all times…

In the beginning … when employees are hired, they often receive a dress code policy they are simply expected to follow… without question.

Employees are responsible for promoting a respectable image for themselves and their employer; while employers are responsible for ensuring their employees understand their expectations. Integrating ones personal image with their professional image can be at best a challenge. To project the desired company image, employees are expected to take into account variables such as their personality, likes and dislikes, type of work, industry, job title, and so on.  Add the need to integrate the image or brand of the company and the result is often confusion – bordering on disaster.

To help YOU, the employee, prevent any dressing mishaps, here are some tips that will help you promote your best possible image at all times.

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What Do You Do When You Like Dressing Up

But Your Work Environment Does Not?

A few weeks ago, a young male client started a new job for a major corporation.  Focused on his new career, and eager to make a good first impression, Sam dressed most days in suit and tie. He soon noticed his co-workers (and even the CEO) dressed more casually. Still preferring to wear a jacket, Sam asked me “How do I dress so I don’t look like I am trying too hard, or feel out of place and overdressed but still boost my confidence?”

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Minding Your Visual “Cues and Clues”

The Single Biggest Mistake Women Make Dressing For Business

This article originally published for the Spring 2008 Women’s Issue of the AICI Canada/Toronto Chapter’s Newsletter “Inside Image” was slightly modified to appeal to the general public … and still provides valuable information for men as well.  

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Image Breaker or Image Builder

Should you wear a jacket or not?

If you’ve never asked yourself that question, you probably should. The jacket is the most authoritative piece of clothing any man or woman can own. Regardless of gender, wearing a jacket is the easiest and fastest way to gain credibility, enhance your personal power and boost your confidence. Serious businessmen have long understood the power of the jacket. The jacket is also the most flattering garment to wear for any body type or shape. It balances any figure, male or female. Plus, it frames the face beautifully and ever so powerfully.

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