Spring Newsletter 2020

Everyone’s daily routine has been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. This new reality puts things in a different perspective. I sincerely hope that you and your family are doing well during these difficult times.

I would like to thank all essential front-line workers for their courage, compassion, perseverance and generosity.
You are our heroes!

You may have noticed, I haven’t published an issue of Savoir-Vivre for quite a while. In fact, my last newsletter was November 2016.  December 2016 was dedicated to finalizing my new Imagélite International website with the hope of launching it early 2017.

Well! 2017 didn’t start the way I hoped. In the midst of trying to finish and launch the new website, and while packing our kitchen to get ready for a substantial main floor house renovation scheduled to start in February, I had the shock of my life.  

During a routine mammogram, a mass was discovered in my right breast.  Following the results of the mammograms and ultrasounds, I was scheduled for a biopsy on January 26.  The biopsy results came back positive. And yes, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Wow! You can imagine how surprised I was … definitely not something I expected. No time to think! No time to react! First thing I knew, I was enrolled in the health care system. I felt I was in an “imaginary whirlwind” like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  Our medical system is the best!

For the past few years, I’ve been struggling to get back on my feet – and back to business. Dealing with chemo and radiation therapies took a toll on my memory, concentration, energy and productivity. I tried many times to start a newsletter and just couldn’t concentrate long enough to gather my thoughts.  

I consider myself blessed that my cancer was discovered during my annual routine mammogram.  Don’t wait to get yours done – mammograms are not pleasant but for the few seconds it takes, it is worth doing. It might save your life. IT SAVED MY LIFE!

And yes, I never thought I would be a “cancer survivor”. But I want you to know that I am fine. Whether it’s cancer or a pandemic, life has a way of making us appreciate what we have.  

I’m so happy to be back.